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Assisting clients in creating retirement plans that will protect you from the ups and downs of the market, minimizing taxation, and a steady stream of income.

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The past decade has taught us that volatility in the market is real and can be very disruptive to an individual’s retirement plan. Based upon the recent study by Jim C. Otar, he has confirmed how disruptive volatility can be with his sequence of returns methology. The methology states that your sequence of returns are more important than your average returns during your distribution years. Simply put, you lose more money during market down turns due to the fact that you are taking withdrawals to sustain your lifestyle during this contractionary period. As a result, your portfolio can not experience the full extent of the recover because those withdrawals are consumed and are not experiencing the subsequent recovery. When you see individuals having to go back to work be it part-time or full-time even though they have been working with an financial advisor, this is because the advisor did not adequately prepare their retirement plan for this phenomena.

The challenge that individuals that are 45 years of age or younger, is the removal of the pension system. Gone are the days where individuals had Social Security, Pension income, as well as retirement savings to draw upon during their retirement years. With the emergency of employers looking to cut overhead cost by eliminating pension obligations thereby transferring more of the responsibility of retirement savings onto the employee, the extension of the retirement age to qualify for Social Security which may be extended further due to the lack of funding, individuals today pretty much have only one source to rely upon to accumulate an nest egg and that is their 401k plan. With the market producing negative returns over the past decade, it is wise for individuals to seek to diversify their pools of retirement savings.

At Alora Consulting, we offer a wide range of fixed annuity products that are customizable to the individual’s stage in life. Whether you are entering your retirement years or you are just starting your career, it makes sense to dedicate a portion of your retirement savings to a product that acts like your own personal pension plan.