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"Group Protection"

Assisting businesses of all sizes in creating a suitable company benefit package to retain valued employees while minimizing the cost.

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Alora Consulting can assist businesses of all sizes in creating a new company benefit plan or in enhancing an existing plan. We have a wide product selection at competitive prices which enables our clients to customize their group benefit packages. We have also partnered with Clarity Financial LLC a Registered Investment Advisor, in creating and structuring the establishment of 401k plans or analyzing existing 401k plans to ensure proper investment choices for adequate diversification.

Group Benefits Programs

  • Group Health Insurance inclusive of HMO, PPO and HAS account
  • Group Life Insurance inclusive of Term, Supplemental Term, Dependent Term, Universal Life and Special Risk Plans
  • Group Disability Insurance both short and long term
  • Group Dental and Vision Care
  • Group Long Term Care and Critical Illness Insurance
  • Product Warranty
  • Group Retirement Plans such as 401k and profit sharing plans